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Organisation People
Organisation People

Our work in the "Organisation People" stream focuses on managing and delivering the best processes in the areas of recruiting, assessing, selecting, rewarding and developing people in organisations. We believe a combination of results and behaviour focus is key to delivering an effective people strategy.

Competency Management
Designing and implementing:
Competency models
Competency based selection and recruitment processes
Competency based performance management processes
Competency based training
Competency based succession planning.

Selection and Recruitment
Range of services from redesigning selection and recruitment processes inline with competency-based approach, designing and conducting comprehensive assessment centres, role profiling, induction management.
Assessment/Development Centres
Designing and conducting assessment and development centres using a competency based approach.

Training assessors, delivering feedback and designing development tools to target key development competencies.
Competency Audits/Training Needs
Designing and conducting competency audits, identifying the core competencies of the organisation as well as areas of development.

Recommending approaches to transform underperformance.

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